Test Hardware

Copernicus Technology supply and repair general purpose and customer-spec test hardware accessories - such as Interface Test Adapters and Break-out Boxes.  These accessories are available to support Intermittent Fault Detection testing using Ncompass-Voyager™ and IFDIS™ test equipment.

We also supply the Mobile Vibration System which can be quickly set up in repair bays for applying environmental stimulus  to components and wiring harnesses during testing.





We design and make bespoke Interface Test Adapters (to connect the test equipment to the items to be tested, such as the example shown to the left which was constructed for the testing of a helicopter radio’s ribbon-cable).  We can also provide general purpose ITA for 'ad hoc' IFD testing.



The Break-out Box (BoB) on the left is an invaluable companion to all IFD testing activity because it greatly simplifies and speeds up the process of making Interface Test Adapters which are used to connect specific Units Under Test (UUT) to the Ncompass-Voyager™ and IFDIS™ test equipment. Not only that, it can be used to as a standardised interface connection for 3rd party test equipment.  We can also supply customer-spec BoBs - contact us today to discuss your design requirements.


IFD BoBs can be used for the following range of functions:
  • Instant identification of each individual wire within a 50-core cable assembly

  • Connection of IFD test equipment to a UUT for rapid ‘ad hoc’ testing, eg to assist troubleshooting diagnosis.

  • Providing an interface to connect 3rd party test equipment to individual Test Points on the UUT via the IFD’s Interface Adapters.

  • Providing an interface to connect 3rd party test equipment to the Ncompass™ to enable pre-use checks and calibration to be carried out.

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