You could carry on wasting hours chasing faults in components and wiring the same way         that industry has for decades.

Or you could just find them straight away.




Ncompass Voyager Jan 2014

Proven on multiple Aerospace, Defence & Vehicle platforms in USA, UK & Mainland Europe

Tests Wiring & Line Replaceable Units (LRUs)

LRU Time-On-Wing increased 3X

Test time reduced 75%

$Millions saved in support costs

Detection capability passes USDoD MIL-PRF-32516 Category 1

Ncompass Voyager Chinook

Customers Say

"Compact size is ideal for MRO environment"

"AutoMap makes it easy to set up for new test items"

"Love the graphics – easy to use, easy to see"

"Great being able to visualise test points when doing the test"


This family of testers is available as the portable Ncompass-Voyager™ tester with 128, 256 or 512 test points, and it is available as a 19” rack-mount system – the IFD & Isolation System (IFDIS™) – with thousands of test points.  Testers are available from Copernicus Technology for purchase or lease.  Alternatively we can provide the full test service for you and we also provide all the corresponding test accessories listed under the Test Equipment menu button.

Full technical spec documents can be found below and you can access and download the product overview leaflet, a detailed technical spec and access the online User Manual here: 

Download the product overview       Download the product tech spec        Access the online User Manual      

Test Functions 


Detected to less than 50 ns on every test point, simultaneously and continuously


Programmable continuity checks against referenced values


2 modes providing shorts indication and shorts tracing capability 


Rapid mapping of circuits for complex and/or ad hoc testing


Instant display of a circuit’s or component’s stability


Provides an impedance signature for the Unit Under Test

Distance-to-Fault (option) 

Integrated Spread-Spectrum TDR locates distance-to-fault to within 1% 

Circuit Analyser (option)

Integrated Huntron 30 technology provides L/C/R Signature Analysis capabilities


Ncompass Testing Case Study Videos

Click on the tabs below to view videos from customer testing projects on a Tornado GR4 Cross-Drive Clutch issue, and Eurofighter Undercarriage wiring harnesses. 

Eurofighter Undercarriage Wiring


Where is Ncompass-Voyager™ used and what for?


The table below illustrates the typical differences between IFD testing with the IFDIS and the Ncompass-Voyager at different maintenance levels and on different types of Unit Under Test.


Build or Maintenance Level:









1st Line




2nd Line




3rd/4th Line

Typical Uses:

New Product Integrity testing for:

Product Assurance

Reliability Growth

Troubleshooting/fault finding

Wiring Integrity testing

Inter-connection component testing (eg CBs, relays, contactors)

Back-plane testing

Wiring Integrity testing

LRU chassis testing

Back-plane testing

Wiring Integrity testing






Who do I contact to find out more?


Copernicus Technology are the UK, Europe, Australia & New Zealand lead distributor of test equipment containing Universal Synaptics Corporation's (USC) world-leading Intermittent Fault Detection (IFD) Technology.  We collaborated with USC to jointly develop the Ncompass-Voyager portable tester, which contains USC's IFD Technology.  It is sold in the USA as the Voyager Intermittent Fault Detector (VIFD™).

Contact us now to find out how IFD Technology can reduce the cost of support and increase uptime on your platform, equipment or systems.  Scroll down to the very bottom of any page on this website to see who is the lead distributor in your part of the world.

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