Copernicus Technology's Data Analysis and Data Exploitation tools & services successfully forge knowledge from data for organisations maintaining and operating complex systems


In the modern world we are surrounded by data and overwhelmed by it.  The ease with which data is created in all walks of life means it is becoming harder to convert it into something usable - into knowledge – and so it is harder to convert the unknown to the known. 

The task is made even harder when complementary sources of data in an organisation are not connected or integrated, leading to “islands of data”. 

Copernicus Technology Ltd has the answer: NOVA.


For any Aerospace/Transport/Technology client maintaining and operating complex systems, NOVA is the data exploitation solution that helps you to see the real picture across all your maintenance, repair and availability data silos. 

NOVA is available as a managed service or as a customer software tool tailored to their needs.  For UK MOD customers NOVA is a flexible, value-add package that directly supports ODHs, CAMOs, TAAs, Maintenance Organisations and Design Offices in meeting the requirements of MAA Regulatory Article 1140  in full. 

NOVA Concept & Exploitation
  • Islands of Data – draws together sources of stand-alone data into a cohesive whole
  • Correlates in Time - so you can see the trends, runners and repeaters by platform or across the enterprise
  • Targets the Rogues - identifies and quantifies the individual aircraft, LRUs and SRUs that cause excessive rework
  • Separates the signal from the noise – identifies what is really hurting your fleet's Availability and Cost of Ownership so you can choose the best course of action
  • Supports Assurance - aids compliance with MAA RA 1140 on Air System Technical Data Exploitation by enabling rapid ‘deep-dive’ investigations into technical and safety issues, combining operator reports, trends and individual job card detail

For more information download the NOVA information pack  or contact us direct.

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