Copernicus Technology Ltd (CTL) undertook an in-depth, aerospace industry-wide survey of No Fault Found (NFF) issues during the period December 2011 to March 2012 and has now published the survey’s findings report.  The report is an essential read for anyone affected by NFF.  Not only that, it is extremely relevant to any technology sector suffering from NFF, in addition to aerospace.

The results show that No Fault Found (NFF) continues to occur in significant quantities, incurs major avoidable cost, and impacts on output and availability. Despite that fact, however, 67% of the survey participants could not quantify the cost impact or availability impact of NFF on their organisation. The survey findings also revealed that intermittent faults ranked highest by far as the leading root cause of NFFs.

The report also contains insights into the current methods used when dealing with NFF problems, but it also reveals that those methods are not in fact considered to be the most effective solutions with which to tackle NFF. 

If you would like a free copy of the report then contact us now at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

ISO9001:2008Copernicus Technology Ltd (CTL) has successfully achieved the internationally recognised standard for Quality - ISO9001:2008 – underlining its credentials as the leading specialist in Intermittent Fault Detection and No Fault Found solutions Europe. CTL was externally accredited by the British Assessment Bureau in July, and the successful evaluation earns CTL the right to display the ISO 9001 logo to demonstrate their conformance to the standard.ISO 9001 was first introduced in 1987 and requires organisations to demonstrate that they ‘do what they say they do’ and that they have a quality management system in place to ensure consistency and improvement; leading to high levels of performance and customer satisfaction. Certified organisations are committed to continuous improvement and are assessed annually to ensure progress is being maintained. CTL is no exception in this regard, and its fully integrated Quality & Continuous Improvement Management System (QCIMS) enables us to provide excellent product and service reliability and process controls, all of which means lower costs for its customers.CTL Operations Director, Phil Eastwood, said, “We are delighted and to have achieved ISO 9001 certification because it underlines our commitment to our customers and to our focus on Quality and Continuous Improvement. Most customers don’t get to see their suppliers’ ‘back-office’ processes and so this certification helps to give them confidence in those processes and in our overall ability to provide them with a quality solution right first time, every time.

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PerthCollege_25Mar11CTL's Technical Director Jim Cockram was a guest speaker at the recent University of Highlands and Islands' (UHI) Perth College inaugural Student Conference. This 2-day event, entitled "Discovering New Horizons in Aviation: Engineering, Technology, and Sustainability" was a great success and proved to be a winning formula for future events to be held by UHI's Department of Aeronautical Engineering.

CTL_ADS_WRolls_Mar11Copernicus Technology Ltd (CTL) is playing an active part in national and regional debates over the future for Scottish Aerospace & Defence industries, first in Edinburgh at The Scotsman’s A&D conference on the 3rd of March, and today at Moray Chamber of Commerce’s new networking platform “Science, Space and Stars”

Copernicus Technology Ltd’s MD, Giles Huby, delivered a thought-provoking presentation on System Integrity Sustainment on the first day of the UK Ageing Aircraft conference in London last week. This inaugural conference was attended by leading subject matter experts from across industry, academia and the military.

IDoD_Logontermittent Fault Detection was successfully selected as the clear winner of the US DoD’s 2010 Great Maintenance Ideas competition, beating over 300 other competitors in a vote of over 1500 senior DoD staff at their annual Maintenance Symposium in Tampa, Florida, on 15th Nov 2010. The top place was awarded in recognition of the Intermittent Fault Detection & Isolation System’s vast contribution to increasing F-16 avionics availability and reducing maintenance costs.

Download the full story here

The whole Copernicus Technology Ltd team is delighted at the news of this award, which is totally deserved by our colleagues at Universal Synaptics Corporation (USC), manufacturers of the ground-breaking NcompassTM Intermittent Fault Detection equipment. To read USC’s own press release, click here

Intermittent Fault Detection: Saving the USAF millions of dollars…
The USAF is keeping F-16 ageing aircraft fleets flying and, at the same time, is saving money and keeping obsolescence at arm’s length.  It sounds too good to be true, but this is story continues to grow and grow every day at the 523rd Electronics Maintenance Squadron (Avionics) at Hill Air Force Base in Utah.
"We had a large number of boxes, I would say 70-plus that found their way into a holding cell where they were tested by the Air Force technicians," said Chris Tatro, 523rd Electronics Maintenance Squadron (Radio Frequency Shop) electronics technician. "They threw every part at them they could, they did everything to their best knowledge, trying to troubleshoot them and found it had nothing to do with them - the box itself had those problems internally."
$2 million a year was devoted to maintenance of the AN/APG-68 Radar’s Modular Low Power Radio Frequency (MLPRF) units - including costs of as much as $30,000 for replacement ribbon cables.  Consequently, the Base wanted to tackle the growing cost of these No Fault Found and Intermittent Fault problems and so they began looking for a solution….and they found it right on their doorstep: Universal Synaptics Corporation’s (USC) Intermittent Fault Detection (IFD) technology.
USC, manufacturers of the world-beating Ncompass IFD tester, in conjunction with TQS Inc, embarked on a joint venture to design and build an IFD and Isolation System (IFDIS) to test the rogue MLPRFs.  The results are astonishing.  "By early November, 171 MLPRF chassis have been tested, 131 of which had been considered un-repairable; 86 have been repaired and put back into service while the remaining IFDIS-diagnosed LRUs are awaiting repair parts," said Sami Mansour, 523 EMXS director. "The value of an MLPRF is over $307,000 each, so the 86 already recovered and returned to service represents a return of over $26 million…As a result, mean operating time between depot repairs for IFDIS-tested units has increased from 315 hours to 731 hours, a significant increase in support to the war-fighter directly attributable to the proactive depot actions.”.
But the last word on this goes to Chris Tatro.  "It's fun to operate and to run," he says. "It gives me a sense of pride because it helps me help my fellow co-workers and tell them, 'You do this and it will be fixed.' There are some things that we just can't see and just can't do without this machine. It gives us X-ray vision in a sense."
The full article is available at Hill AFB’s on-line magazine – click here
You don’t have to go all the way to Utah for IFD and IFDIS solutions.  They can be sourced directly in Europe from Copernicus Technology Ltd, exclusive distributor of USC test technology for the EU and Australian markets.  Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
[Publish date: 25 Nov 10]

USAF_Saving_MillionsThe USAF is keeping F-16 ageing aircraft fleets flying and, at the same time, is saving money and keeping obsolescence at arm’s length.  It sounds too good to be true, but this story continues to grow and grow every day at the 523rd Electronics Maintenance Squadron (Avionics) at Hill Air Force Base in Utah.


Typical FCA OutcomeOngoing collaboration between Jim Cockram of Copernicus Technology Ltd and CSA saw him deliver ‘Advanced Maintenance Strategy’ course in the Far East.  Eleven Senior maintenance managers from a wide range of industry sectors were more than satisfied that the course aims, which included… to provide attendee with an array of tools that will help to drive down breakdowns at minimum cost while maintaining safety.. were met. The 3-day course proved to be very useful and well received in the setting of Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur; comments included “excellent value for money”.

For more information on this and other available courses, please contact any of our team or Colin Sanders

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