Published 28 Oct 2015

Yesterday the USDoD's Joint Technology Exchange Group (JTEG) held an online forum to present and discuss progress being made in exploiting Intermittence testing equipment in order to improve availability and readiness and to reduce support costs. 

Following introductory comments from Greg Kilchenstein (OSD Maintenance Policy & Programs) who explained the relationship between the impact of intermittent faults and the USDoD's annual $2 billion No Fault Found (NFF) problem, the webinar covered a range of case studies on how Intermittence testing was being successfully deployed.   

You can download all the presentations and view the opening comments and Q&A in a series of tabs on the event web page - click here to view/download the materials

The forum culminated in a description of how the USDoD is assessing Intermittent Fault Detection test equipment as part of its procurement methods.  Several testers will be evaluated against a common specification in the New Year and this may be the starting point for a joined-up approach to IFD equipment by the USDoD.  

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