Published 05 Jan 2015

Last year was Copernicus Technology's biggest year yet and 2015 growth looks to repeat the trend. To build on that success we have expanded and updated the range of products, services and training that we can provide to our aerospace, transport & technology customers to help them successfully reduce platform and systems' repair times and support costs.

Full details of all Copernicus technology products will be published on the Products/Services/Training pages of this website in due course so to get the information out there here's a summary of the proven and market-leading products and solutions that we can supply right now.




Ncompass-Voyager     Portable IFD & integrity testers

IFDIS     Rack-mounted IFD & integrity testers

Intermittent Fault Emulator     Available in latest US DoD spec - UK patent pending

Break-Out Boxes     Standard connector configurations & customer-specified

Mobile Vibration System

Test Equipment Health Monitoring/Indication     The 'SPIDER' system is used in IFD testers - UK patent pending

Interface Adapters     Customer-specified

Maintenance/Repair Analysis databases


SMART database     For asset/spares/workflow management

Special Products     Customer-specified electronics, software, firmware, database products




IFD & integrity testing     Of installed/uninstalled components and wiring

Component investigations

Availability/maintenance/repair data analysis

Maritime Patrol Aircraft operations consultancy



Maritime Patrol Aircraft operations     Various courses - contact us for details

Avionics Reliability

Airworthiness Management

No Fault Found Reduction

Advanced Diagnostics 


Copernicus Technology are experts in Revealing Solutions…

We are an ISO9001:2008 company providing award-winning Ncompass™ test equipment and maintenance data exploitation tools to help our Aerospace & Rail clients reduce life-cycle costs and increase operational reliability by fixing the causes of ‘downtime’ and ‘No Fault Found’.  

Copernicus Technology also provide world-leading Maritime Patrol Aircraft operations expertise through training and consultancy services.

Copernicus Technology operate in the UK and Australia and we have industry partners worldwide.  Go to the contacts page to get in touch.  















UK Enquiries
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Australia/New Zealand Enquiries
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USA Enquiries
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