F-16 TCG WWRBehind the marketing glitz and glamour of this year’s F-16 World-Wide Review (WWR) (see ‘Meeting the International F-16 User Community’), Jim Cockram, Technical Director of Copernicus Technology Ltd (CTL), also used the opportunity to liaise with our friends at Universal Synaptics Corporation (USC) on a wide range of technical subjects. USC are the manufacturer of the revolutionary Ncompass range of Intermittent Fault Detection test equipment which CTL exclusively markets as equipment sales or as a managed service to the Aerospace and Defence sectors in the EU and Australia.

Downtown Ogden - home of the F-16 TCGUSC are based in Ogden in Utah, pictured on the left, which is the very town that hosts the annual F-16 WWR, so this was the perfect chance to catch up with them and to exchange and debate ideas and best practice. Jim Cockram had this to say about his technical liaison visit with USC:“CTL's visit to this year’s F-16 WWR was hugely informative and exhilarating from a technical point of view. We were exposed to USC’s plans for the further development of the ‘Super-IFDIS’ upgrades which will allow up to 40 Ncompass modules to be linked together to provide over 16,000 test points – all of which can be tested continuously and simultaneously! This step-change in testing capacity is a massive enhancement to an already outstanding testing capability, and serves to provide continuous and simultaneous testing on all the test points without any degradation in test coverage. The visit also allowed us to further strengthen our partnership with USC and to demonstrate NODES (Ncompass Operator Data Entry/Evaluation System) to them, which is our latest software innovation that allows users to capture, report and trend test results easily and quickly. In conclusion: an outstandingly hugely successful visit on all fronts”.

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