London Lancaster Hotel, 27/28 Apr 2010


AandD_KTNCTL exhibited at this major conference in London on the 27th and 28thof April.  The aim of the conference was to bring together those involved in Research & Technology in the UK A&D sector against a background of 3 main themes: Technology, Investment and Engagement.  This approach complements the key objectives of the A&D KTN, which are to:

“deliver measurable improved industrial performance by facilitating the innovation processes and enabling the collaborative arrangements that will deliver the National Aerospace Technology Strategy; and to act as the coherent voice of the A&D community in informing Government and research funding agencies about science, innovation and technology issues relating to the sector”.

The format of the conference included a programme of speakers over both days, plus lunch and networking breaks to allow attendees to take in the exhibitors display.  There was a wide range of attendees from all elements of the A&D community from academia, industry and Government departments, leading to some lively plenary session and Q&A discussions.


Following a keynote address on day one by Sir John O’Reilly of Cranfield University, the subsequent presentations were delivered from senior figures from across a wide range of sectors and organisations, including DSTL, the MOD Centre for Defence Enterprise, the MBDA Innovation Gateway, the National Aerospace Technology Strategy (NATS) steering group and the British National Space Council (now replaced by the newly formed UK Space Agency).  In addition to these main presentations, there were also updates from each of the National Technical Committees (NTCs) on their activities and how they influence the NATS.

Copernicus Technology Ltd sit on 3 of these NTCs:

  • Health Management & Prognostics NTC
  • Electronics Systems NTC
  • Electrical Power Systems NTC

This was an extremely interesting event and its success was borne of its diverse mix of activities and attendees – part tradeshow, part conference, part networking.

The CTL trade stand at the Conference

Networking at the 2010 A&D KTN Conference


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