MOD’s Test & Evaluation Co-ordination CellAs part of their activities to investigate the fullest possible market application of the Ncompass-4000 test set and of CTL’s wider range of System Integrity solutions, we exhibited at the MOD’s inaugural Test & Evaluation Communities Day (TECD) which was held at the UK Defence Academy, Shrivenham, Wilts, in October 2009.  The event was organised by the MOD’s Test & Evaluation Co-ordination Cell (TECC).  The TECD delegates were presented to by senior military, defence and industry figures with a common interest in the importance of T&E to Defence capabilities.  The opening address was made by Rear Adml Amjad Hussain RN (Capability Sponsor Director, Precision Attack) and was followed by presentations on the user perspective of each of the 3 Services, as well as a number of industry presentations and an insight into the MOD’s thinking on future development of T&E policy.

We learned a huge amount about the MOD T&E requirements from the TECD’s presentations and from networking with the large attendance.  Following this event CTL has submitted its details to the TECC for inclusion in the 2010 update of the MOD T&E Catalogue, which lists all suppliers of choice to the MOD for T&E services.

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