HIE LogoA key facet of CTL’s development as Europe’s pioneering supplier of solutions to electrical/electronic system integrity problems (such as No Fault Found, intermittent faults and ageing wiring integrity), owes much to the support they have received from Highland & Islands Enterprise (HIE).  HIE is a regional development agency which, as part of the wider Scottish Enterprise organisation, and their objective is to identify and support those developing businesses which are seen to have significant growth potential and which could provide significant benefit the regional economy in due course.

HIE’s support has been provided in 2 main forms.  Firstly, HIE are working with CTL on a long-term growth plan, to identify where HIE can support CTL in the key activities required to assure positive growth.  Secondly, HIE provide a proportion of funding support to CTL to help those areas that specifically add value to CTL’s proposition and which help to pioneer leading innovations and bring them to market.  Funding support is currently being provided against 4 major projects which are crucial to CTL’s business.  These are:

•    R&D to implement an upgraded user interface for the Ncompass-4000 test set.  This interface - entitled NODES (Ncompass Operator’s Data Entry System) is not just about user friendliness, it is also a powerful database which is used to configure tests and record and trend test results.

•    Completion of testing and qualification processes to enable the Ncompass-4000 to be sold to the European and Australian markets, especially to the Aerospace and Defence sectors in the short term.

•    R&D to design and make production-ready the interface assemblies which can be used to connect the Ncompass-4000 to any customer’s ‘Unit Under Test’.

•    The development and implementation of our branding and marketing strategies.

CTL’s relationship with HIE has been a vital factor in CTL’s establishment and growth and we look forward to continuing this exciting and productive relationship in the future!

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