Published 25 Feb 2015

Copernicus Technology's leading-edge Prognostic Fingerprint Technology (PFT) research for avionics and EWIS components and wiring was recognised this week at Avalon 2015 in Melbourne, Australia, when our PFT paper won the best technical paper in the HUMS category.  

The paper was co-authored by Copernicus Technology Technical Director Jim Cockram and Head of Sales (Australia) GPCAPT John Baker AM (Retd).  John is pictured here receiving the award from (on the left) Mr Peter Frith, Aircraft Health & Sustainment  Research Leader at DSTO Australia.  The HUMS conference was was expertly organized and chaired by Ms Joanna Kappas, also of DSTO Australia, and attracted papers and presenters spanning research, application, techniques and fertile areas for future exploration - all of which engaged and informed the Conference Delegates and led to animated discussions.  

Cockram and Baker's paper was chosen as the best Peer-Reviewed paper, whilst the best presentation award went to Andrew Vechart of Honeywell Aerospace.  Speaking after receiving the award Baker said "Prognostic Fingerprint Technology expands on Copernicus Technology's extensive aircraft fault-finding knowledge into the areas of artificial intelligence and advanced data exploitation.  Our goal is the creation of knowledge-based systems which remove much of the current guess-work and inference approach to electronic equipment maintenance.  This is leading-edge R&D and so raising the profile of PFT by receiving this award and the recognition that goes with it is really exciting for us." 

About the Conference

The Australian Biennial Avalon Air Show is held in Melbourne conjunction with the Australian International Aerospace Conference [AIAC]  and the Defence Science and Technology Health and Usage Monitoring Systems[HUMS]:  the 16th AIAC and the 9th HUMS were held between 22nd and 26th February 2015.  

About Copernicus Technology 

Copernicus Technology is an ISO9001:2008 company providing award-winning Ncompass™ test equipment and maintenance data exploitation tools to help our Aerospace & Rail clients reduce life-cycle costs and increase operational reliability by fixing the causes of ‘downtime’ and ‘No Fault Found’.  

We also provide world-leading Maritime Patrol Aircraft operations expertise through training and consultancy services.  

Copernicus Technology operate in Australia and the UK and we have industry partners worldwide.                                                  

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