The EPSRC Through-life Engineering Services (TES) research centre at Cranfield University played host to the inaugural No Fault Found (NFF) symposium on the 18th of March.  CTL is an industry partner of the EPSRC TES Centre and takes a very active role in supporting the 5-year NFF research project being undertaken there.

The event, which was attended by 145 delegates from over 60 companies, was the first of its kind to bring together a community of practitioners who are faced with the difficult task of trying to solve the challenges of NFF.

CTL Managing Director, Giles Huby, was a key note speaker at the Symposium, where he gave a presentation focusing on the proven benefits of data exploitation solutions to NFF across the entire repair chain; and of testing solutions for one of the major root causes of NFF: intermittent faults. 

He explained how conventional testing fails to adequately detect and localise intermittent faults, resulting in speculative removals and hence unnecessary maintenance, provided examples of the cost impact on the aerospace sector, before explaining that the solution is to apply full testing to all test points simultaneously and continuously. He concluded the presentation by providing case studies to illustrate CTL’s successful NFF solutions for data-driven and targeted use of Intermittent Fault Detection Equipment (IFD) as being fundamental to rapidly finding fault root causes.

CTL’s presentation from the NFF symposium can be downloaded here

The NFF Symposium Report can be downloaded here

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