What We Do


Established in 2008, we are immensely proud of our staff's military background in aircraft engineering and operations and we are dedicated to applying this expertise to help clients in all sectors drive up 'First Time Fix' repair rates and increase the Readiness and Uptime of their assets.

We are Europe's leading experts in Intermittent Fault Detection & Integrity Testing solutions for electrical and electronic components and wiring.  We also provide market-leading, niche expertise in Through-Life Engineering Data Analysis strategy & tools, Resource & Task Management database tools, component reliability investigations, advanced diagnostics training, and training/consultancy in Maritime Patrol Aircraft operations & support.

We are ISO9001:2008-accredited and support customers world-wide from our locations in the UK and Australia, and also in conjunction with our US partners: Universal Synaptics Corp* and DIT-MCO International.


Company Values


  • We listen to and respect what matters to our customers and colleagues
  • We thrive on solving customers’ problems with ingenuity and technical excellence
  • We look beneath the surface and beyond assumptions
  • We are tenacious professionals who always push boundaries and always keep learning


Why the name Copernicus Technology?


When we first formed the company it was a struggle to find a name that fitted our mindset.  We set the business up to tackle the intermittent fault issue that leads to so many No Fault Found problems but we knew we would also look at other approaches to other problems causing downtime, so we didn't want to be NFF-specific in the name - hence 'Technology'.  Then we realised that the Astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus typified the technical curiosity which is so much a part of our company DNA.  In the same way that we want to look past assumptions and find the underlying facts and then build a solution from there, Nicolaus Copernicus wouldn't accept the prevailing view of the solar system - that everything revolved round the earth - and carried out observations and calculations to determine the facts.  The rest is history and the Copernican system was eventually accepted as the real model of our solar system.  

In so many aspects of testing, component investigations, data analysis and training we constantly question prevailing norms and assumptions and look for the facts, for the knowledge.  These provide the genuine insights that enable us to deliver pioneering and world-class solutions for our clients, and we continue to take inspiration from Copernicus to this day.


Intermittent Fault Detection Technology


* Copernicus Technology are proud to partner with Universal Synaptics Corporation (USC), the world leaders in the field of Intermittent Fault Detection (IFD).  Copernicus Technology are the lead distributor of USC's IFDIS™ test equipment in the UK, EU, Australia and New Zealand.  We collaborated with USC to jointly develop the Ncompass-Voyager portable IFD tester (sold in the USA as the Voyager Intermittent Fault Detector, or VIFD™) which also contains USC's IFD Technology.  Copernicus Technology are the lead distributor of Ncompass-Voyager testers in the same sales territory as IFDIS.

Contact us now to find out  how IFD Technology can reduce the cost of support and increase uptime on your platform, equipment or systems.  Scroll down to the very bottom of any page on this website to see who is the lead distributor in your part of the world.

UK Enquiries
Copernicus Technology Ltd
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Australia/New Zealand Enquiries
GPCAPT(Retd) John Baker AM
Copernicus Technology Ltd
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USA Enquiries
Ken Anderson
Universal Synaptics Corporation
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UT 84067
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