cranfield buildingsCranfield University, supported by the ADS No Fault Found Working Group, have arranged annual NFF conferences since 2013 and, in response to overwhelming attendee feedback from the attendees, the sole focus of the 2017 event will be "NFF Solutions".  The NFF Solutions symposium will be held at Cranfield University and comprises a conference on 20th June and workshop sessions on the 21st.

"No Fault Found" is a widespread maintenance problem in aviation, defence and transport sectors.  It incurs billions of pounds of avoidable costs every year and affects performance and safety, which is why it's vital to know how to deal with the global NFF problem.  If your organisation needs to drive up operational reliability and remove support cost from your operation, solving NFF is the ideal place to start: this symposium will tell you how, with highly successful case studies from Airbus, Rolls Royce, Copernicus Technology, BAE Systems, the MOD and others.

Full details of the programme and how to register can be found on the NFF Solutions symposium webpage, and we strongly suggest that you register to attend by close of business on 31st May to guarantee your place.

 Published 20 Apr 2017


S 92 NV Testing 2017The details of our latest testing project, for new customer Bristow Helicopters Ltd, have now been released.

Following an ongoing fault in the Radio Altimeter system we used Ncompass-Voyager testing to rapidly detect and locate an intermittent fault in part of the system's cabling.  Bristow were very happy with the rapid timescale of the project and how quickly this fault was found, and immediately began looking in to the repair needed to replace the faulty cable.

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Published 07 Apr 2017


Copernicus Technology will be presenting at 2 tradeshows for the price of one on 26th April, when Managing Director Giles Huby will present in the workshop programme shared by Aviation Electronics Europe and the Avionics & Space Testing Expo.

Aviation Electronics Europe 2017

      Aviation Space Testing 2017


Presentation Abstract

The title of the presentation is Resetting the LRU Replacement Norm and it will cover proven strategies to reduce No FaultFound occurrences in aviation maintenance - in fact, they could be applied in numerous other industry sectors.  The Abstract states:

When faced with the need to repair an aircraft Avionics fault the default assumption often made is that an Avionics Line Replaceable Unit (LRU) will be the source of the problem. This LRU Replacement Norm has been unchallenged in aircraft maintenance organisations for decades and is inextricably linked to No Fault Found (NFF). At best this Norm of repair-by-replacement leads to costly repeat arisings that degrade aircraft operational reliability or despatch rates; at worst, it affects safety and airworthiness. This paper describes the issues that sustain the LRU Replacement Norm and proposes an evidence-driven maintenance strategy approach to reduce NFF - by improving Avionics First-Time-Fix rates at the on-aircraft maintenance level - with a 3-phase approach: Containment, Measurement and Improvement.

If you would like a copy of the Paper after it has been presented then please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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