Published 01 Sep 2015

Following our first survey into the impact of No Fault Found (NFF) on the aerospace industry back in 2012, we carried out a new NFF survey in the first half of this year and presented the headline results at this year's NFF Symposium at Cranfield University, held in June. 

The 2012 findings raised more questions than they answered and so in our 2015 NFF survey Copernicus Technology attempted to close the gap in understanding. The new survey examined whether organisations collect NFF financial and technical data, and if they provide NFF policy and training. In many questions the respondent was asked to qualify where their answer was derived from, ranging from actual data to being a ‘best guess’.  The different root causes of NFF occurrences were also considered in more detail - including for mechanical systems and components - and how the root causes differ with aircraft age.  


Major insights from the new survey include:
  • Only 39% know the cost impact of NFF on their organisation

  • Training is seen as the top ‘proven NFF solution’ but only 22% provide NFF training for repair technicians

  • A large range of approaches is used to deal with Intermittent Faults, despite them being the highest NFF cause-group in aircraft types older than 5 years and second highest in newer aircraft types

  • The vast majority of numerical responses are based on estimates rather than actual data

We used the findings from the 2012 and 2015 surveys and identified 9 vital factors to cutting NFF and used this as the basis of our No Fault Found Maturity Model.  When combined with the financial impact data, the NFF Maturity tool provides the ability to plan effective and sustainable improvements that senior management can truly buy in to.

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